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"Are you comfortable being with someone who you think may be abusing his other partner?"


"MrsPOd, this may simply be the result of reading your input on a message board instead of hearing you say things in person, but you seem rather unemotional and almost apathetic in your responses to your husband's threads. "

I find it hard to convey emotion in typed-up form. I don't think I'm depressed but this is a very sad situation to be in. I feel the same as Kinda. It's wearing me out.

"I'm having a hard time understanding the issues at hand as well."

We're both worried that my gf is being emotionally abused.

"I assume you mean D/s boundaries, not poly boundaries?

How is your relationship with her? I assume you are not a triad but rather you are dating them both separately?"

Both D/s and poly boundaries. The reason that my husband brought up cuckqueaning was because there were times (during threesomes that she watched) where I felt that my gf wasn't entirely happy about what she was seeing. Because I could never get her to open up, I assumed that this was part of their play (that's what my bf told me).

I'm dating them both separately.

"Can we get some examples?"

I'll give an example so that you get some idea.

Bf is insulting and physically dominating at home and she likes this. Bf is insulting and physically dominating around my husband and she doesn't like this. He does it anyway.
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