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I may try to talk to the wife. She is a FB friend, I just have to catch her on there. I do hear that she isn't pleased with me and this situation, so I may wait on that a bit.

I'm starting to feel that J. may be the dating equivalent of Rain Man. I talked to him last night and again was frustrated. I tried to explain to him that I felt awful for hurting him, but his seeming reluctance to see me alone, while still seeming to think that our relationship was proceeding, made me feel as if he didn't take our relationship, or me, seriously, and that was part of what I had reacted to. He then suggested we talk again in person, and I agreed to that. He wanted to drive over right away (he lives ten minutes from my house), but I nixed that, I was about to go to bed. I then pointed out to him that our jobs are 15 minutes apart by car, and having lunch together would be a simple matter (and, although I didn't point this out to him, I expected that lunch would HAVE to be one on one since neither of our spouses work nearby). Anyway, J. said, "I almost always have lunch with this particular coworker," I was DAMNED if I was going to spell it out AGAIN that I wanted to have lunch with him, and we ended the conversation with nothing planned at all!

I like this guy a lot, but this is just too hard!

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