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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I've noticed this as well. Games like Warhammer used to hold my attention for the whole 4-6 hours they'd take to play. Now I prefer much shorter games with a higher strategy/combo element to them. Playing Warmachine is akin to playing speed chess mixed with Magic. You only have so long to do your turn, models play off each other, and you've got to be on the ball thinking not only of your turn two turns from now, but what your opponent will probably do. I think it's because I'm better thinking and acting off the cuff now then I was in my early twenties.

Of course, when it comes to video games, I never was much of a shooter player, and today's shorter games bug the crap out of me. What happened to the Final Fantasy style games that would take 60+ hours to beat and focused on story rather then pretty cut scenes?
Same here. Though an amazing exception are Metal gear Solid games. Great story AND pretty cutscenes. But there are so many companies now just trying to spread stories over so many games, that each one can be completed in a day. Assassin's Creed, I'm looking your way. _
I think Skyrim is really one of the best games I've played in such a long time. My quest log isn't even nearly complete. My map still hasn't been fully explored. I still haven't unlocked all my powers and 'shouts'... and most of all, I'm moving so slowly to level 81, I feel like it could be weeks in real time before I ever get there. These guys really know how to make a game.
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