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Originally Posted by ThatGuyInBlack View Post
I've sang all my life. In my family, it's just what you do.

Learned to play guitar when I was about fifteen. I'm not great, lol. I'm a rythym guitarist by nature. Nothing complicated, but I think I do all right. I play mostly Texas/Red Dirt country, but I jump genres pretty regularly. Basically if I like the song, I'll learn it.
I mainly play Metal. Specifically Progressive Death Metal is my favourite. But I have projects spanning many styles. Love listening to all types of things. Can't beat a bit of Kate Rusby now and then. Bonny Yorkshire lass, she is. =] I think what people find surprising is that I really love Trance music too. But as a 90s kid, I was brought up when Trance was coming up for the first time. Electronic music had a surge of new genres after the 80s New Wave cheesey synth stuff. =P Ambient is another electronic genre I love. Something I'd love to get more into making myself too... and then there's Jazz. Other than Classical music, Jazz also helped create all modern music as we know it. But even going back to the very roots, I can really appreciate it.
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