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FEMI-NAZI? Oh no they didn't! *snap!*

Ceoli, you deserve infinitely more respect and consideration than GroundedSpirit has exhibited. For many, many reasons, but especially in this case for taking the time to engage in an open, honest discussion of this very important and sometimes sensitive issue. As one of the people who have benefitted from the depth of experience and wisdom you've shared on these boards, I want to thank you for being here. Your insight, wisdom and experience are an ongoing source of inspiration to me, and to many others.

GroundedSpirit: you owe Ceoli an apology. And you owe yourself an attitude adjustment. You seem to me to be encouraging the ladies here at the forum to express our thoughts and opinions as long as they agree with yours, and as long as we're willing to STFU when you tell us to. This is an open forum and a community of EQUALS. Deal with it.
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