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Um, hi PaperSO! I sent you the link to read the thread, but I was startled when you actually posted.

@NYCindie, thanks for having the gumption to ask. I would like more time in my current relationship, but I don't see many opportunities for meaningful time. I didn't bring the little one up because, after the description of 4 partners, a new baby on top of that would make the situation seem almost absurd. What were we thinking? The prospect of the baby entered the mix after PaperSO and I became involved, but before we mark our "anniversary." Of course, I'm thrilled for PaperSO and his primary. I was at the birth. The baby is beautiful and progressing so fast. I think about what it might be like to have my own someday, if it happens.

As far as bringing happiness to the relationship, lately, that's been a serious struggle. Back to the "being a better primary to myself" drawing board. In an effort to see something change, I am going to try withdrawing during our "off" time and get myself back into the "single" mindset.
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