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i think most people have cameras these days, even if they didn't want one. Most phones come with a basic one at least. =P But surprisingly, photos don't always help me remember. I have tickets from events and things too. I just keep them because they are nice to have. =]

I've been around computers for as long as I can remember and been using them myself since about 4 or 5 years old. But still there are large gaps in my life that I don't have any memory of.

Thankfully, indie, I don't wear glasses... yet. One of my eyes are definitely going though. Should get a check up. =P But I forget where I put things all the time. It helps to have specific places where I keep things. But as soon as I do something lazy, like leave it the closest place to me, I forget it completely. I went out sunday without my phone, because I'd put it on my bed, rather than my desk. =P Only noticed when I was shopping, because I needed to ask my mother what kind of cheese I needed.

Thanks Mono, I'll certainly push myself to do so. Some good plans and money coming in slowly, so hopefully I can really make a push for things. =]
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