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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
A Bachelor of Music generally means it was a more intense, specific (Monochrome- rigorous! ) program of study than for a Bachelor of Arts. The school I went to offered a BM (*snicker*) in music education, music business, or music performance. Instead of a schedule that was some General Education requirements, some Major requirements and some Electives, a schedule for a BM was almost all Gen Ed or Major classes. I think I took 2 electives in 4 years. There was 2 years of Music Theory, 2 and a half years of Music History, Conducting, Voice Pedagogy, plus ALL the instrumental classes and various performing groups one had to be in. Oh, AND the classes about Education Theory and Practice. So, lots more required for a BM than a BA .
Sounds like an American thing then really. Had a look into it and apparently over here, it is included within a BA. Sounds normal. We English love to just thrw ourselves into the deep end with a ton of information at once.

If you want to do something more intense and specific here, you need to complete your BA, then go onto a Master's. I really doubt something like a Master's could really help me career wise though.

I'll certainly try get in to do a BA in music at some point, but probably as far as I'll take it.
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