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Hey, everyone. I've been lurking here for a while now, so I thought I'd go ahead and de-lurk and say "Howdy!"

A little about me: I'm a forty-something male, been married to my wife for 19 years and we have two kids. We're still kinda working out what "poly" means for us. I've always leaned towards non-monagamy, usually to the detriment of whatever relationship I was in at the time. About six or seven years after we got married I got involved with someone else behind my wife's back. Things came to a head, I confessed and surprisingly my wife took me back . After that, we had many, many a long talk and worked on healing the wounds I caused. We talked about poly in a theoretical sense, but nothing came of it (though there was this one lady... ). We've even gone to couple's counseling together to try and work through our differences. Meantime, she and I are keeping busy trying to raise our two kids and figuring out where we're going from here (there is definitely a move to a different, bigger city in the future, just not sure when…).

As it sits, right now I'm not involved with anyone else. There was one lady who I've had a big-time crush on for a couple of years (!), but it looks like nothing will come to pass with her. We had quite a bit in common and she and my wife got along really well, but she (the other lady) didn't want the kind of relationship I did. Oh, well, mach nichts. We started off as friends and will try and keep that bond alive. In the meantime I'm not really looking around for another relationship, but I'm not going to close off any possibilities, either.

Anyway, I'm glad I found this board and am looking forward to participating and learning here.


Felix The Cat
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