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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I don't have any youtube links as I'm not much of a performer, but I've been musical pretty much my entire life. Piano, then trumpet, french horn, and voice (mostly choir, a little solo), and then in college I got a Bachelor's of Music in Music Education (different than a BA in Music) which required me to learn at least the basics of almost every instrument in the orchestra. And I took guitar for a semester or two.

I don't really like teaching private lessons, so I don't anymore. The original goal was High School Choir Director but with the way Arts programs in CA have gone that didn't pan out.

While I occasionally miss choir I don't miss getting annoyed with the dozens of people who are wasting our rehearsal time by not being prepared. I love singing with my kids and with TGIB and would at some point like to sing at an open mike night and maybe local clubs, but it's not a current burning desire.
Never heard of a Bachelor's in Music, what is it?
I tried getting onto a BA course doing something in music, but back in college, when I did my BTEC [an equivalent of 3 A levels], I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. Pretty much a waste of 2 years of my life. Should have waited until I was ready, rather than rushing into it right after high school. There's way too much pressure on people to go right to college and then right to uni. I'd rather just find a steady job and take things in my own pace.

I'd love to do private lessons. I've taught friends in the past. In fact, I taught 2 close friends to play kit, which I actually taught myself to play. Such an easy instrument to learn, but one of the most difficult to master.

One thing I do miss from college were my ensembles. We were always very organised. Such a shame that it's so hard to find bands like that outside of it. Just splitting with my last gigging band, I know how easily things can get in the way.
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