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thanks for anwering my thread!!!
My wife isn't really sure if she's mono or poly. I'm finding it hard to explain...emotionally, I'd say she's poly, from what she's told me. But she's not sure if she'd want to be intimate with anyone else.
She does see it as enhancing her own life as she wants to be more open toward people and says she'd like to share more emotional closeness with others.
She very much likes J and her wife and says she could imagine having a more intimate relationship with them (emotionally and physically).

Without really talking about it, we've, sadly, found out that J and her wife are definitely not interested in anything beyond the friendship we share.
Hurts a bit, especially considering that J has a tendency to flirt heavily with both my wife and me, but now that we know it doesn't mean anything, we can handle it. If it should get too much, we'll ask her to tone it down.

J's wife has lived in poly relationships in the past, but she can't imagine J letting her do that, since she doesn't think it would be something J would want (the two of them barely talk, so this is just speculation from J's wife).

So, my journey into poly is over before it really began...
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