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groundedspirit, now that we have totally lambasted you....

Why are you asking the questions you do? why do you have this view of women and men as being so different in their desire for sex and why do you think that men are looking to other men to fulfill their need? Apart from "you have noticed this to be true"
I thought they were pretty clear about it. They seem to think it's because women in our society aren't in touch enough with their sexuality and have bowed to the shackles of repression whereas men haven't. They are trying to liberate society.

Groundedspirit: You may have noticed the strong reaction in this thread. I'm sure you think it's because you put this to the wrong audience or because people just can't seem to grasp the advanced concepts you're putting out there, but you would be wrong. It's because of HOW you decided to carry out this conversation. You had no interest in listening to any points that didn't line up with what you think should have been said about the topic. You had no interest in exploring the fact that most of us think (and pretty much know) that your initial premise is flawed (And this ISN'T about being scientific- it's about having CLEAR reasoning). Instead of examining that premise you got defensive and refused to have an actual exchange of ideas about that (because that's not what you wanted to talk about). And honestly, you showed your true colors when you decided to characterize me with the word "femi-nazi" over PM (even if you stuck a little grin next to it). Perhaps you are not so far ahead of the curve as you perceive yourselves to be. Perhaps you would be better off actually ACTIVELY listening to the issues raised in this thread instead of dismissing them. Perhaps you would benefit from little more humility when approaching conversations like this.

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