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I don't have any youtube links as I'm not much of a performer, but I've been musical pretty much my entire life. Piano, then trumpet, french horn, and voice (mostly choir, a little solo), and then in college I got a Bachelor's of Music in Music Education (different than a BA in Music) which required me to learn at least the basics of almost every instrument in the orchestra. And I took guitar for a semester or two.

I don't really like teaching private lessons, so I don't anymore. The original goal was High School Choir Director but with the way Arts programs in CA have gone that didn't pan out.

While I occasionally miss choir I don't miss getting annoyed with the dozens of people who are wasting our rehearsal time by not being prepared. I love singing with my kids and with TGIB and would at some point like to sing at an open mike night and maybe local clubs, but it's not a current burning desire.
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