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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Any time I begin to drift into triadic daydreams...
I love this phrase, it could be the title of a poly romance novel - Triadic Daydreams. Haha!

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I want very much for Gia and Eric to have "adult alone time" together in their house on a regular basis... in reality, I think I wouldn't be able to handle it if, say, I were down the street at the diner watching Bee while they were intimate, like Eric did for me, or god forbid if I were in the living room while they were in the bedroom. Not while Gia and I still don't have that. I would just freak out. :/
This really surprises me, and confuses me a bit, considering how well you know them and that they are married, and you have been sort of waiting to regain your relationship with Gia, and everyone's been honest and open, and all along you've diligently been working on your shit, so to speak. It's not like they've taken a break from each other or something. What would make you uncomfortable? Aren't they having sex now, when Bee is sleeping? Why would you babysitting Bee make their "adult alone time" any different? I guess I'm confused because I know how much you love them both and I picture you just beaming if they were given the opportunity to have romantic sexy times together without worrying about Bee. It sounds a little like envy, and like you've been influenced in some way (perhaps by someone else's insecurities?) because I don't "get" you as the type of partner that would freak out about that.
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