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It's has been my birthday for about 5 and a half hours now and although it really is just another day and always is, every year; The fact that this one makes me 20, has me feeling rather different to usual.

I think the main reason has to be the obvious, I'M NO LONGER A BLOODY TEENAGER! Woo! I expect a sudden drop in people expecting me to act like a moron and hopefully beginning to treat me like the adult I have been since a long time now. I'm not saying I'll be treated fairly at all, as I am still young and in a crappy job, of course. Still live with my mother... =P But hey, it's amazing what the "-teen" suffix can do to someone's perception of someone. I know I hate teenagers myself.

But it's also had me thinking that, half my life ago, I don't even remember my existence. I don't remember anything in the slightest being 10 years old. Is that perhaps a sign that when I'm 40, I won't remember anything from this year? I hope not. I feel this is really a year when things move up for me. I've taken a lot off my shoulders the end of last year and found a place I'm happy once again. So off I go to make it a year worth remembering 20 years from now...
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