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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Being the philosophical and research minded people we are, we, whenever possible, take the time to have real in-depth conversations with as many of these people as time permits.
The explanations and reasoning form a VERY obvious pattern.
My brother and his girlfriend are PHD students. behavioral biology. They would laugh in your face at this post... just because YOU have noticed something does not make it a "VERY obvious pattern." Please don't make statements like that without real proof... perhaps you need to start a research proposal that asks the question, "do men resort to bisexuality more often because they aren't getting fucked enough by women?" THEN do REAL research and get back to us.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Our only intent in broaching this topic was to try to raise the awareness level, particularly, in the female population, of the true repercussions of their attitudes & actions. To maybe foster a little self analysis by asking the question - "is this the society I would intentionally choose to foster & live in?"

Is this gap to large to bridge ? Do we end up with a world where M/F sex (or any of the other various options MMF etc) exists solely for reproductive purposes ? What do we lose by not stretching ourselves a little to form those bonds and understand each other ?

Wish we could see more activity on this topic............
I am aware that our society is severely screwed, yes... not because of it's women, but because of what people do to each other. We have become a society that wants things "now," is selfish, unempathetic, lazy, ignorant to the world around them, and down right apathetic.

I would in no way say that women are to blame, in fact, if you are having problems with womens attitudes and actions then you might want to take a good hard look at why this comes up for you... why you see this... what has been done to them that they are acting this way. Chances are it's YOU that has the issue and they are reacting because of it... is that not we are doing one here? Is that not what you have caused by telling Ceoli to "shut up you are blocking me from my idealized version of what a woman is???"

As far as stretching those bonds to understand each other... you gotta do better than what you have on here and start doing some real hard work sorting yourself out if you want MY respect.

For what its worth? in my world? I've had my baby and have no use for reproduction anymore... I am fucking because I love it and the men I have in my life are good to me, treat me right and allow me to treat them right too. If that goes out of line, I won't have them in my life... just as they wouldn't have me in theirs. There is no sexual difference of any kind... we all like fucking as much as the others, we all like closeness as much as the others, we all like doing a variety of things as much as the others. To get back to your original post? There are no differences between men and women as far as sex goes... just differences in character, personality, and life history that bring us to where we are today.
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