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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Isn't there any possibility you two can see each other twice a week instead of only once?
There are times where we see each other twice a week. This past week we spent the day together after spending the usual night and then spent the afternoon and night together at the end of the week.

I'm willing to be wrong but I don't think this is about scheduling two nights rather than one each week. I think PaperGrace is looking for someone to share day-to-day companionship.

My current "primary" spent over three years on the West coast (we're East) and our relationship thrived long distance. We got together for a long weekend every few months. Now that we live together and are raising our baby, I don't think she'd want to be separated again but neither of us have regrets for what we created while apart for so long. Now we take for granted all the time we share in close quarters and that brings up its own raft of issues.

It's tricky business being satisfied/happy with what you've got but at the same time really wanting something more.
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