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I'm PaperGrace's SO.

I read everyone's reply and there were quite a few nuggets of wisdom. Thank you all.

If my reply is less than coherent, I blame my 8 month old son who is doing his darndest to get all of my attention while I type. If you think having four life partners is a challenge to one's time and energy, try adding a baby.

PaperGrace is awesome and she is craving more depth her romantic relationship(s) and that turns me on. She's willing to look everywhere for the answer to her happiness and her fulfillment, from climbing a mountain to ending our romantic entanglement. I'm fairly sure neither are the key to happiness but those are my projections. That said, I am looking forward to climbing a mountain with her as I look forward to everything we do together. While I don't "look forward" to ending our relationship, I'll tearfully back her decision if that's what she is sure she needs to do in order to ultimately be happy.

PaperGrace has been totally upfront with me about how she feels. Over the course of our relationship, she has been entangled with two other men and I've always had her back, encouraging her however she wanted to proceed. She plays full out, and in the end I don't believe she can lose if she follows her heart.

And there's the baby again.
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