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Oh this has got my heart pumping...

First off, I am so glad to see that the women on this forum have largely come together to express much of what I would... Thanks to them for that!

My husband and I were on an online dating site last year and notice similar bisexual curiosity in some men also. We even dated one and he discovered that, BINGO, he is not bi at all, but was just that, curious and straight. We also noticed that there were a lot of bi-curious women AND a lot of cheating men and women. SO WHAT! IT'S A DATING SIGHT! of course you will find that there....

I agree, it's an insult to all men and women that you make the accusation that women aren't putting out enough and that men have resorted to each other to get their needs met...! I thought by saying that my libido happens to be high and that I put out ALOT! That I made MY point clear that women DO LOVE SEX! Enough to have more than one partner sometimes!
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