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Originally Posted by avoidscauliflour View Post
Is this really a poly-mindset? As poly-couples go, do you the rest of you really not make any sacrifices for the other? I really don't get the benefit to so much unbridled freedom. How can you show someone you care about them if you just do whatever you want without regard for the other all the time? I get that I'm responsible for my own happiness but the more I take this to heart the less of a presence she is in my life. I'm now asking myself, do I need her at all?
Excuse me for being blunt, but imo her attitude has nothing to do with a poly mindset; it has to do with not giving a shit. Relationships ~ ALL relationships ~ require a certain degree of compromise, of doing some things that may not be our favorite. While sure, I can see not joining you on poker night. However, your family is an important part of your life and therefore she should give it some due consideration.

I can see why you're questioning whether you need her.
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