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Keith and I had all day Saturday to ourselves (which was great). We went to a hockey game and downtown to a place that's kind of like Hooters, but the girls wear even more revealing clothes. lol It was fun, but crazy busy because of all the sports fans there. Great food, actually. Then Sunday we hung out with Mario, Fiona, my sis, and her husband for lunch. We're taking a financial class with my sister and brother in law so we went to that, and then had a fun evening of Fox cartoons and Jeopardy at Mario and Fiona's.

I made a joke at one point about Keith needing a girlfriend, and he said that since I had one it's only fair since I have one (once again, joking - he doesn't really believe that if one of us has another relationship the other one deserves one). Mario then said he agreed, Fiona laughed along (which is impressive given her previous issues with letting him do things alone), so he looked at me, took my hand, and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was a joke, I think, but it got me thinking. I wouldn't say I have feelings for Mario, but I almost think of myself as closer to him than I am to Fiona. I can talk to him better (he and I were up until 3am the other night talking), we have so much in common, and our personalities are so similar we get along amazingly. Granted, the similar personalities also cause us to clash now and then, but it is surprisingly rare. Lately I've noticed him and I become closer physically, too, when it comes to lying on the couch watching tv, we'll kind of cuddle now sometimes or even just hold hands. I don't really know if it's something I should be paying attention to or not. It's nice, but I don't really think of him romantically so I hope he doesn't think more of it than I do. Fiona seems to fluctuate between loving seeing the two of us interact so well and being kind of envious that we are able to connect on a more intellectual level. She doesn't necessarily have the same interests we do there.

Anyway, Fiona totally screwed up Saturday and ordered tickets for some kids' show (Disney related, I think, I don't know) for the same day we are supposed to see Debbie Does Dallas. She called me crying, I just kind of shut down because I could hear Mario in the background already acting upset at her so I didn't want to compound on that. I was pretty cold, though, Keith says in my lack of real reaction. She fixed it, though, and I told her it really was fine since she realized her mistake immediately and was willing to do whatever (even giving the tickets to someone else) to fix it.

So, it was kind of a weirdly stressful and not stressful weekend all in one. Next weekend, however, will be AWESOME. Hopefully. Mario is trying to find a babysitter so we can ALL go out for a while! They always tell Keith and me not to let them stop us from doing what we want to do, so we finally decided we are going to start going out at least once a month. This month two, because of some stuff going on that we are interested in. Mario and Fiona took the hint and have decided that doing fun out-of-the-house stuff is worth making a little effort and paying for a sitter. Yay! I get to act like a normal 22 year old every once in a while and go out on the town!

Fiona and I may also be getting some extra alone time coming up because Mario is going to have to work late. It will be nice since we have both realized we need to focus on 'us' more than we realized until we get this communication thing down. Right now I am cautiously optimistic. Those emotional swings caused by me overreacting are something I am going to try to work on...
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