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Originally Posted by zylya View Post
To me, it sounds like she doesn't actually want to spend much time with you, and I can't see her making any effort to spend QUALITY time together. For that reason I think you should break up with her. If meeting your family makes her MISERABLE (as in literally makes her upset) then I'd suggest that you have compatibility issues. If she's unwilling to do things to spend time with you, then do you even have a relationship at all?
This. As I read your posts I found myself wondering what benefits each of you are getting from the relationship. If one thing that's important to you is someone to spend time with (which is very much the case with me) then it certainly doesn't seem like she is fulfilling that need. To me it sounds like she's failing to realize that relationships involve compromise. Sometimes you may do something that's not really your cup of tea for her, other times she should be doing something for you. Neither Monochrome nor TGIB are the sports fans I am, and I am not as much of a comic book geek as either of them. But we all try to show at least a little interest in things that are important to the other, because we care about each other. In what you have told us I don't see the evidence that she cares.
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