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I must have missed something here... I thought this was a poly forum? I simply think this whole thread has been misdirected in audience.

I'm sorry but this topic seems to have come from a place of "personal" frustrations and not the frustration of men in general. I'll be honest again. I have several mono male friends that complain about being frustrated because they can't get women to date and certainly fuck. News flash to have to get outside in the world, take care of yourself, and inevitably engage real people to form real relationships. This might be a total tangent, but I see a whole stream of men complaining about things they will never achieve locked in their apartments with the latest add on to World of Warcraft, Doritos colored fingers, and walls of pop cans blocking the sun from hitting their pasty faces. What kind of profile pic is that?!

In general, we are the ones to blame for not finding what we need, not "circumstance" or female disinterest.

Women seem to know how to find the men they want and are willing to work on themselves to do's about time some men figure that out.

Disclaimer - This comment was in no way an attack on gamers...I used to be a total gamer too..even before computers

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