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To me, it sounds like she doesn't actually want to spend much time with you, and I can't see her making any effort to spend QUALITY time together. For that reason I think you should break up with her. If meeting your family makes her MISERABLE (as in literally makes her upset) then I'd suggest that you have compatibility issues. If she's unwilling to do things to spend time with you, then do you even have a relationship at all?

It seems to me like she places no value on your time together - she'd rather not bother with anything that she doesn't feel like doing right at that moment.

If you're as independent as you say, then reinvest in yourself. Take up that hobby you've been wanting to start for ages, phone up that friend you've been meaning to call up for a while. Start working on making sure that even if you're ALONE, you're not LONELY. I have lots of stuff that I do that I don't even WANT to share with other people. That means that if I am by myself, I'm doing something for ME instead of wondering who I could've been spending the time with. As you start focusing on yourself again, your girlfriend might notice the positive steps you've been taking for your own life and start trying to make more time with you.

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Footnote : For the love of all things natural and sweet, do NOT go to Pick-Up Artist sites. That method, is the WRONG way to catch a woman's attention. Nevermind the type of women that fall for this shit, as they are just going to be a headache further down the road. If you really want something that easily swayed, buy a dog, and tie a porkchop to yourself. Otherwise, working on feeling good about yourself, and once you do, you`ll draw others to yourself naturally.
There's a lot of shit out there, but there's some places that have the right idea, namely improving yourself and your own life so that you're more attractive and confident, and less desperate and needy. If you're looking for cheap tricks, you're going to end up disappointed, but there are places that are about discussing becoming more attractive to women in a way that includes honesty and integrity.
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