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BlackUnicorn: Time really flies, doesn't it? It was nice to hear from you and thanks!

Rory went back home today. Everything went really smoothly with me, her and JJ. She met my mom yesterday and that went well, too. The situation was just as normal as I expected. My mom behaved well (didn't ask awkward questions or anything like that) and they seemed to get along. I'm so happy about my mom, she's amazingly cool about this. She even hugged rory when we were leaving.

I learned something about myself as well. I had absolutely no problem being with one or both of my partners all the time. I just fantasized about continuing it and living with both of them, that would be so good for me. Me and rory are so different in this aspect. I just need very little alone time and this visit confirmed it. I think I might not make a very good leg of a V if I didn't have another partner myself. I don't mind sharing emotionally but I might get a bit lonely. Oh well, if I ever end up in a situation like that (if for example me and JJ broke up), I would have to see how I'd feel in reality then. No reason to think about it now when it looks like I'd be able to keep this situation like it is.
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