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I think a list of boundaries or requests of partners is very individual. There are some really good lessons learned on this thread. And some really good stuff if you look at the tag "foundations" or "boundaries." A tag search for "lessons" might bring up something interesting too.

In my experience there is usually one of two concerns going on for a mono partner (or anyone really). The first is that there is a threat of others becoming emotionally connected and the other is the threat of others connecting sexually. Finding out which your partner is worried about is a good place to start because lets face it, mono people are concerned about us being connected in some way to others in the form of love. Find out what that is about and there is a chance to work on boundaries in regards to this.

The other things that come up in terms of boundaries and requests are agreements to check in, come home at a certain time from dates, not say too much about dates, don't say too little, meeting other people that are partner potential, holiday time, etc... usually it boils down to a persons "love languages (another thing to search in the tags)," and time management.

Hope that gives you somewhere to start.
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