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Default Rearranging your life

I've definitely rearranged my life around this connection. And now that we are both coming up on vacation time, we will be changing locations, too, at least for that time period. It's more to do with where I feel my emotional center is, though, or my level of attachment or whatever we want to call it. It's especially easy to see since I have other relationships to compare it to. I've dated a lot since LDR and I met (he's absolutely the reason I am now identifying as poly) and I really haven't become very attached beyond fond friendship to anyone else so far and, even though it maybe hasn't been the "smart" thing to do, I know it's because I'm keeping my life open to see what happens with LDR when we meet again.

I think I better leave the monogacentric language discussion for another thread so I don't hijack this one. :P Because, originally, we were asking bookworm how those relationships work.
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