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Default Guess its kinda getting better

I had a small panic attak this morning when I woke up and F was already gone to spend the day with T.

But tonight we are all playing a card game together and its not too bad, but the idea of her spending the night upsets me a little. Im having trouble getting use to this.

T was incredibly nice to me when she came in, but F has been basically ignoring me while T has been here, I know how John feels when Im around F and dont give him kisses or touch him.

I am not sure what to do, not being able to see them bothers me the most I think. They disappear into his room and I get all panicy.

Im having a lot of trouble with this. Im going nuts... Im not sure what to do.

they want to roll D&D characters... I did not sign up for this. I'd rather DM.

Yep, they go to bed, panic attack starts, I cant keep doing this.
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