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Well we are 100% new to Poly and only found out about it in search for what you'd call what we are looking for in our lives.

We are a 34M/33F couple from Canada, married 7 years, with up's and down's lately more downs as we are trying to figure out how to adapt our relationship, home and lifestyle to fulfill our lives more.

We have talked about "having a 3rd" live with us on several occasions over the years, down to rules if it was a female, if it was a male... What would cheating be considered. This mainly started when we thought of getting a roommate and the idea surfaced in joking, then became serious... But it seems almost overwhelming as where to start, how or where do you approach anyone. Neither of us hit the dating scene long and we're never in anything serious till we met and hit it off.

The biggest problem at our current stage is where to talk to people and how to describe what we are looking for and wording it delicately as not to offend anyone since we are new to this. Mainly the fact we are looking for a friend which relationship possibilities NOT swingers! It's not about the sex, more sharing a relationship, our home (might add no kids) etc. It seems more dating sites which allow married or couples are mainly used by swingers and locally any mention of a 3rd quickly turns into "you want a threesome", "I'd **** your wife", etc. Basically where to look and avoid the sluts. :

We are not looking to get married, lol. Just open our lives to share with someone else which together should make things better as we live n learn from eachother.
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