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Originally Posted by KindaPOd View Post
My wife's bf is married. His wife has told me that she is monogamous. The benefit of polyamory for her is that she can watch her husband have sex with other women. The humiliation aspect gets her off. She likes the idea of being inferior.

What do you think?

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
I really don't see how watching her husband having sex with other women is humiliating, unless he's talking about how much better they are while it is happening, or she's crying and miserable the whole time? I don't think one of my partners are having sex with somebody else, even in a cuck situation, makes me inferior. And yes, maybe she doesn't want to share her personal business with you? Maybe you asking her about it helps feed her kink for humiliation for all you know.

I don't get what people get out of cuckolding (more than theoretically) so I don't have any insight on that. I would file this under the "your kink is not my kink" thing and move on.

Exceptions would be
1. As others have said, does your wife's boyfriend display any of this behavior towards your wife? If so, I'd find it a problem if your wife didn't like it but was putting up with it. If he is and your wife likes it, I'd ask her to keep it to herself and away from me. I wouldn't interfere unless I felt the relationship was hurting my partner.

2. Is your wife one of the women who is having sex in front of her bf's wife to humiliate her? If this is the case, that's something I'd talk to your wife about why she does it, how it makes her feel and maybe you can see if you can make more sense of it. If she is and it's a big problem for you, but something she wants, then maybe you want to negotiate about it if she is willing - OR since you say you consider her your secondary now, you might just go with it being none of your business, as long as it's not affecting your relationship with her.
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