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Unhappy Intercontinental love

Hi everyone

So I came across the forum because I am hopelessly in love with two women. The first is my girlfriend of 10 years, who I have been with since we were teenagers. I have never really questioned the relationship, but I must admit I feel somewhat distant from her lately as we currently live in different countries - a few months left.

I met a girl here who is a relative of people I know. I am not a habitual cheater, but within 2 days of meeting her we couldn't keep our hands off each other. No drunken 'mistakes' or anything, it was passionate, but also incredibly natural like we have been doing it forever. I do feel guilty, but I wouldn't be doing this if I hadn't found something very special.

She is beautiful, and every day I find out some new thing about her that is so perfect I couldn't have made it up. We have a lot of common interests that my girlfriend doesn't really share. Also she makes me feel intensely loved. The sex is amazing, and I feel the instinct to make love to her not just to f**k. Though that is good too. Even though she is much more experienced than me, she is really blown away by the sex and I think I appreciate that somewhere very deep down.

When I told her I loved her a week ago I knew what she would say. I never knew people could fall in love so quickly. I feel very bad that I have let someone fall in love with me when I am committed to someone else, I know it hurts her.

She doesn't live here either and is going off to her country in a week. She was going to leave a few days ago but changed her flights at the last minute, so we already said goodbye once. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I cried the following day without being able to stop.

Continuing any sort of relationship with this girl would be very hard and involve moving continents and quitting my (so so) job. But I am considering it. It would also include leaving my gf, and I am considering that too. Having an open poly relationship with them both would be doubly hard because it would mean abandonmnent for long periods of time for both of them.

She is talking about not staying in contact with me, because it will be too hard. If that happens I think I will die, but I understand.
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