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I've had a terrific time visiting Mya and JJ. I've also managed to meet with several friends who live in the same country. It's been just wonderful. Not much to report beyond that. Why is it that I can write loads about the most insignificant issues, but then really great stuff is going on and I don't know what to say, besides that everything is just awesome.

It's been really nice and comfortable staying here with Mya and JJ. Even though me and JJ haven't spent very much time alone together, or seen each other that often, I feel like I've gotten to know him quite a bit, and I feel comfortable around him. I also like seeing Mya and JJ together, they are totally cute and happy. I can't say I feel anything but compersion and happiness about their relationship.

Me and Mya have had time to reconnect, it's been truly wonderful. This last time we spent apart was something like six weeks, and that started to feel way too long. It was like charging batteries when we got together, just a really dire need to touch each other for a long time and a lot. Such a craving for physical connection. The first night it felt like the time I'd be here, 5 days, could never be enough. But gradually that feeling passed, and now I feel reconnected. That feels really good. All the time I feel she is becoming a more important part of my life. And I really appreciate how much I can rely on her, I completely trust that she is there for me. And god, how I love her.

It's been nine months now. At the moment our poly life just rolls on, with only a little steering and effort. I feel happy and satisfied with all aspects of my life, both poly-related and not. I've loved spending time with my friends and mother-in-law and having a vacation from studies. And I'm looking forward to my courses starting in a few days (still gotta fly home first, hah).

Oh yeah, and we went shopping today, and I got nice clothes, and shoes I desperately needed, and they were all really cheap. And Mya cut my hair and it's so short and hot, I love it. <3 And I've been fed so well by Mya and JJ and by my friends when I've visited them. At the moment we have cake, which I will be going to eat now.
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