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Gah, feeling a bit triggered here. I had lots of swinger sex with women who were not bisexual and doing it for the men. BLAH! So not okay, discusting to me actually.... This is why I am not into swinging anymore... among other reasons. I don't ever want to find myself in a situation where I have to "figure out" if someone is really bi or not. I don't want to be experiamented on thanks. It makes me feel dirty, cheap and undesirable. Its totally fake fun. *burrrr... shiver down my back. Backing way up on even thinking of all that.

Ya, I would be making buddy wait a REALLY long time if he is not interested in doing some learning and educating himself on this stuff. It shows great laziness and apathy to me. I would feel very uncomfortably disrespected as a result. What, your relationship is not worth working on?
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