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ya sorry, this thread isn't going to be locked down or deleted, but please feel free to not write on it any more.

I find it so interesting that when shit hits the fan people want to delete everything. I include myself in that too. I can delete my own posts whenever I want and believe me I have been really close to doing that at times, but I don't because I reckon I wrote it, people wrote about me, I get to sit and be uncomfortable. Just like everyone else does on here.

I get that its a trigger, but maybe in a week or so you can read this again and see if there are any nuggets of information that can be learned from. I find that there is learning in what I get pissed off about. When people hold a mirror up to my face its a humbling and frustrating experience. They don't always have the facts and I don't always have to give them the facts, but outside perspective on how what I do effects people and causes them to see me a certain way can be super useful in determining how I want to portray myself and what I need to work on. Maybe both of you will find that in time also.

I agree with NYCindie, you have every right to vent Vanille. Just as he has every right to be pissed off. You are two different people.
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