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Yes, I should have definitely used the words "explore my bicurious thoughts" and not "become bisexual". Forgive me. I would never just play with someone just for the sake of playing or proving a point, but I would be honest with someone every step of the way, as taking on a lady love would be new to me and I would require guidance and respect just the same. I've crushed on girls, I've kissed girls, but I have never been sexually involved.

I am, however, willing to explore other relationsips outside of my normal comfort zone (men) in order to respect his boundaries while at the same time fulfilling my need to explore having multiple connections.

As far as him dating someone and how that helps me, I need him to see first hand that he can feel something for another woman and still love me the same. He doesn't have to limit himself or deny himself connections with other people for the sake of not hurting me. If thier relationship works out, then good. If not, then he can leave himself open to the option of trying again with someone else or just being satisfied with me, but at least he will see that none of it comes from a place of bad intentions. I know it may not make sense to try to turn him poly so he can understand me, but I just feel like if he sees that loving someone else doesn't make him want to leave me because our love is strong, then he'll understand. And I really just want his non-judgemental understanding.

I don't have an end game in this whole situation. I just want the freedom to feel whatever I feel for whomever I feel it for without him thinking that it's either him or the other guy. I may not only have eyes for him, but he is the most important man in the picture.
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