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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
I am lovers with a woman, 'D', that I love very much, but I'm not <i>in</i> love with.

This is so interesting that you say it like that. I feel a little old-fashioned/monogacentric using such phrases, but I feel exactly that way, too. And, of course, there's no really good definition for being "in love" either, but we know what it feels like, right? And we know it's different?

I'm in a LDR right now where I'm sure that, if anyone is, he's my primary attachment, the only person I would say I'm in love with, the one relationship I'd be awfully depressed about if it ended. I think he would probably say he doesn't have a primary right now, rather he says there's someone he's "closest" to, someone living in the same time zone. :P We haven't defined anything because we only met physically once months ago, but now he's finally coming to visit and we are going to "see where it goes." In these few months and long distance, I've been fine with feeling he's my primary connection while dating freely here at home and knowing I'm not his. Not so sure that would work for me, though, in the same city. Who knows? Shrug.
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