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Hey sunnydee. I think, though this is all still formulating for me, that I'm the same. The amount of attachment definitely has a lot to do with it.

I am lovers with a woman, 'D', that I love very much, but I'm not in love with. I respect her, I love seeing her, we have fun, and she's dynamo in the sack but I know that her love is with her gf. I don't miss her the way I miss someone I'm in love with. I don't feel all gushy about spending my life with her, etc.

Trust and disclosure for me are pretty much across the board. There's not much that 'D' doesn't know about me. I trust her on many levels. I feel safe crying in front of her, being open to whatever it is she needs to express/do/be.

I guess the difference between primary and secondary is how much I'm willing to change my life around in order to be with that person. Hmm, gotta think about that one...
My heart is too big to fit into one person.

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