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Vanille, I don't think the Mods delete threads, because it could contain valuable information to help someone else out someday in the future. I believe (but am not totally sure) that you can ask for the thread to be locked to prevent anymore posts added to it.

Glad you're not leaving. But remember that a team has individuals on it and each person has a right to voice their own views and express their own perspectives. While it's great to have solidarity with your husband, you are two people with two brains and two hearts - you're not joined at the hip. So if Armani gets bent out of shape because you felt the need to express your frustration or find a solution for yourself, perhaps he needs to work on owning his own shit and question why he doesn't approve of you doing your own soul-searching here. It seems rather selfish and self-centered to me. I am not name-calling - I can be selfish and self-centered, too. But it's something to look at.
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