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Originally Posted by Juntas View Post
When my wife and I became poly, we decided we would have veto power, and I have only ever used it once, and even then it was after a discussion. And the only reason it came up was due to the guy not accepting the rules and boundaries we had set up, he crossed them and it didn't sit well with either of us. So I vetoed it, so my wife didn't feel like the bad guy ending that relationship. I don't think its necessary unless the other person crosses the boundaries in which you and your partner have set up.
Again, not a veto as far as I can see. You both agreed with your wife to end the relationship. A veto would be if she DIDN'T agree and you called him up and said, "sorry buddy, yer out," while your wife cried "nooooo" in the back ground. This didn't happen by the account you are relaying; not a veto.
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