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The situation was originally presented as a lesbian couple wanting a baby and their 'friend' wanting to be the sperm donor.

It came out that in actual fact they were in a polyfi triad.

(of course the docs all had differing opinions of "that's wrong" to "more love to go around")

Turns out that one of the women was not able to either carry a baby or produce eggs.

Their family rules said that all decisions had to be unanimous.

She decided that since she couldn't be a part of it, there would be no baby.

The man and the other woman really wanted to carry on and move forward and that caused some issues.

The woman unable to have babies decided she loved her partners enough to put aside her discomfort about potentially being left out because the other two would be the only ones involved in procreating and go ahead with the baby idea.

The woman able to have kids said no - she loves her partners enough that she wants EVERYONE to be happy, EVERYONE to be 100% comfortable - that she chooses their family - she didn't want her partner to compromise.

The girls made up. All was happy happy joy joy - they would adopt or find some way to make a family work for all of them

The man then said no - he wanted to have his own biological child and that it was important enough to him that he didn't know if he could choose them over the potential child.... (that's the part I didn't like)

That was the end of that storyline. I liked some of it, didn't like the other part, but meh - its tv
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