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I started video gaming on the Atari, moved up to the old 8bit NES when I was about 8, got a Sega Genesis when I was in 6th grade. Earth worm JIm on Sega channel and Buck O'hare were some of my favorites. We got our first computer when I was 15, right around the time that I was introduced to Vampire the Masquerade table top game. On the computer I played Caesar III and Diablo II.

Runic wolf's gamer friends took me in after he left for basic training. They bought me my first deck of magic cards and got me into their after school D&D game. We played a hybrid of 2nded when the 3rd Ed rules came out and our gm wanted to give them a try.

We currently have a Wii and a 360. I am playing through Dragon age origins. On the PC I play City of Heroes. We table top game every week, alternating between Changeling and Scion. I <3 white wolf. We also LARP.

For years we played Legend of the Five Rings the card game, but there are no local players around here. I played Blood Angels on Warhammer 40k up until a few years ago and Britonians in Fantasy. I currently have a Retribution army for Warmachine.

Everyone should play Settlers of Catan...... They even have it computerized for Xbox 360.

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