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Oooooh boy where to begin on this thread....

Let me start at the begining. I started gaming, back in the day, on an old Commodore 64 my parents had. Playing things like Frogger and Q-Bert, as well as things like Bruce Lee's Kung Fu and Zork 1-3 (I later tracked down a CD that has all the Zork games up to Return to Zork on it).

About a year after it came out my mother broke down and bought me an NES. I was a pretty hardcore Nintendo gamer up until a few years ago when things started to really split and what system you had really did matter. As of right now I own a Wii that Yoda plays, and the XBox 360 which everyone plays. The hot games for me from the consoles are pretty much the Mass Effect series, that and Gears of War. I'm a sucker for epic last stands, and both games pull them off well.

For my PC I just picked up a copy of Oblivion with all the DLC for $6.25 on Steam so I've been poking at that every now and again. My main games are The Old Republic, City of Heroes, and World of Tanks. I've also got a severely neglected League of Legends account.

As for other games...

I learned to play Magic right around the release of The Dark and stopped in '98. I picked it up again for about a year when my local gaming group looked for something to do. In that time I picked up Magic, Pokemon, and Legend of the Five Rings. Of those the only one I miss is Legend of the Five Rings. It was a good mix of everything and the story that's told from set to set is pretty awesome, if you like samurai epics.

I play Warmachine, and was a massive Games Workshop junkie. I have 2 40K armies (Dark Angels/Deathwing and Tau), a fantasy army (Dark Elves), an Epic force (combined Eldar/Imperium), 2 Necromunda gangs, a Blood Bowl team (High Elves), and some other stuff kicking about. I stopped playing when the rules changed every couple of years, required you to buy a $70 book, and that there was no guaranteeing that models you'd bought prior would be worth a damn in the new version. So rather then keep pouring money into it I walked away and picked up Warmachine.

As for RPGs, I usually end up running the games around here. I've run/played more games then I care to list (it's a lot of typing, really) and read more on top of it. I see running games as a craft of sorts, weaving a story that others want to participate in while everyone has a good time. I usually end up running something horror related, with an Orpheus game being my best so far. Currently I'm running a Scion game and am prepping for another WoD game. I'd love to do more sci-fi RPGs, but the folks I game with prefer fantasy or modern style settings.

Also, I LARP. Both in a salon style, and with boffers. Laugh if you want to, then come out and try and keep up. Also, while not a LARP but still with foam weapons, I fight Dagorhir. Spear mostly, sometimes other things.

Also, Catan rocks. I don't get to play it often enough.
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