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I'm all for the live chat feature just as long as you can easily turn it on or off.

The chatroom for seasoned members... (hahaha)......may be a slippery slope. (HAHAHA)

Would I be allowed in? I have enough posts for "senior"status but have never been in a polyamourous relationship per se. I just wonder how that would work. Also, how could the chatroom benefit the community? I'm sure with a bunch of us on there some awesome trains of thought would develop. Just thinking...

Originally Posted by sea View Post
If someone finds a question to 'redundant' don't respond, but don't make a newbie feel unwelcome for not knowing what you may have been asked a year previous!
What is the solution to this? It seems to be a big issue and I can see the point of both sides. Just so you all know, this "place" is very important to me. I do see it as a community. My inclination is to feel maternal toward terrified and clumsy polywogs (I love that fucking word), and to either not answer or give a short answer saying "welcome, read lots". But there has to be a better way to get people up to speed. Some barrier between cruising the internet and the sign-up process that educates the newbies.

My suggestion: When someone becomes a member, a welcome e-mail or private message is sent to their inbox. It has links to definition post,rules, other stickies, and information on using the search feature. ("If you have a question, you can also use the search feature which is located...")
Maybe even language such as, "Once you've settled in, feel free to introduce yourself to the group" or similar. Really clear and encouraging.
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