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Default an update...

I suppose I should update - I appreciate all of the feedback.

I had a "meeting" with FM and they didn't fail to make it the most awkward thing ever. I went in there with the plan to be very open & honest and because they were being so awful and weird I ended up just giving a big "Im fine. BF & I are fine. Im happy. Don't bring it up to me or anyone else I know again. This is entirely NONE of your business". & they proceeded to tell me that to live this lifestyle Im clearly unhappy with what I have and I put my hand up, nicely, and said "Again, Im happy. Were good. Thats enough". I left shortly after, there was nothing else to say.

It was good in a way for me to be called out but harder for me to assess where my "relationship status" lies. It seems when people you are close to (or supposed to be?) start to questions your decision, I start to question it as well. Almost as if I feel they are of a higher knowledge than I am with regards to my decision (obviously they are not, but I suppose with this lifestyle being VERY new to me, its sometimes hard to wrap my head around).

The way I see it, as long as my partner and I are on the same page - everyone else can keep to themselves. If we're happy and connected and honest and open, I could give a ---- about what anyone else thinks. I dont live my life for them
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