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I guess without viagra all women in their golden years would switch to being les since their husbands can't get it up. Oh wait according to this we are happy just being emotionally satisfied.

Ever heard of the angry vagina? Woman are just as much if not more frustrated with men in the sac. Maybe these men who are so frustrated with woman need to improve their skills.

I think its a big insult to the gay and bi sexual community to think that men are "settling". From my experience with my gay male friends they have super high standards so who in their right mind (besides someone in prison) would think that they would have a better chance of getting laid with a man.

Its an insult to men in general actually. That they have no self control and will screw anything that is available regardless of if the person is their type. And that they don't have the will power to continue to search out the ones they seek to share their life with. It reaks of laziness.

So if even gay men won't have sex with a particular frustrated person, is beastiality the next resort? I'm sorry I like my men to have self control and standards. Excuse my vulgarity, but if you can't get me wet that's your issue not mine because contrary to what men who don't know how to please women believe women LOVE sex. Ever heard of a little thing called she's just not that into you?
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