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His reply:

Haha! "... houses full of vagina..." that was awesome!!!

And the "bat-shit" crazy comment was pure gold too... hey, you pick the girls you want in our "harem" ok. The baby thing is only when you feel the absolute need to reproduce right? No need to force that kind of thing.

And no dropping of girls right... this isn't survivor island where you vote off the most unpopular member of the cast or something. Said another way... don't you think it's sensible to expect some estrogen conflict in a poly lifestyle? I think that's just part of the lifestyle and nothing to be afraid of or worry about. It all works itself out.

I like your questions and you are VERY humorous. Sexy and smart is the way I'm going to describe you right now ... is that something you'll let me do for now? ;-)
Well, I am smart and sexy, so at least he got that part right I'm enjoying playing with this guy. I guess that makes me cruel and manipulative, but somehow I don't feel bad about that.

I responded:

Well survivor is where you throw 12 strangers in together, and let them battle it out to decide who stays. If you were to throw 6 female strangers into a house, I think it would be far messier and more dramatic than any episode of reality tv. And you would be caught in the middle of it, and no matter what you did, you'd be "wrong" (with 6 women, you'd have absolutely no chance of ever being "right," somebody would always be mad at you).

But you're talking about building a family. And in any family that I'd ever want to be part of, I would expect a fair and equal say in who else is going to join the family. It's not as simple as "estrogen conflict." Some people just aren't compatible, especially for cohabiting. There are people I work with (as there are for anyone) with whom I don't get along. I tolerate them at work, I'm polite and courteous because I'm grown-up like that, but I would never join them for drinks or invite them to a dinner party, because I don't enjoy their company and I have no desire to become friends.

Just because two women are compatible with the same man does not mean those two women are compatible with each other.

I have to say, I find your entire proposition somewhat selfish and sexist. Do you expect all these women to be monogamous with you? Or would they be free to explore other relationships outside the family? The whole reason I'm poly is that I realized, years ago, that I could not be happy being restricted from exploring my desires. For me, polyfidelity is as limiting as monogamy.
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