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Cool Who Am I?

I've thought about this question a lot lately, perhaps due to turning 30 a couple months ago or the New Year. Maybe its due to life circumstances changing and the desire to reevaluate what truly makes me happy, regardless...this is who I am.

I'm 30, bi (I guess, I don't seem to fit a certain category/label), I am female and single and currently live in Kansas City. I am a nanny which is by far the most amazingly perfect job for me, but I certainly don't fit the Mary Poppins mold! I love being creative,photography, funny movies and writing. Im a deep out of the box thinker, sarcastic at times and 'bubbly'. (as a friend says) I always try to make the most of every moment.

I haven't been in a 'traditional' poly relationship, if there is such a thing. But have always been in a relationship with one and a deeper more emotional relationship with the other. Everyone knowing about each other, its just never felt right...its always felt disconnected I guess.

Anyway, happy to find this forum!
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