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I am so sorry about your loss, and especially that you and your husband are being preyed upon by a lunatic at this time of grief.

He's not in love with her, he's grieving and confused. I hope you can meet with your bereavement counselor soon and bring this situation up, so the counselor can see how twisted up inside your husband is to have fallen for this predator's bullshit! I really am in shock that any person had the nerve to do this to you, which would be bizarre at anytime but especially when you are dealing with such loss. Makes me wonder what her ulterior motive is - she sounds like a con artist.

Good for you for standing up for yourself and telling him what you will and will not accept.

Can you get something like a restraining order to keep her away from you and your family? Do they have things like that where you are? Seriously, I find her actions alarming! Gimme her address, I'll get on a plane from NYC and go beat up the bitch. Grrr.

Really, her behavior is indicative of some kind of mental imbalance and makes my blood boil to read it. She says anything else to you, remind her that one of the basic "rules" of polyamory of consent of all parties involved. Have you shown this thread to your husband?
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