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Default I need some help.

I'm 18 and my girlfriend is 16. We've been friends for a month and a half and are now dating. I told her I had something to tell her and I explained to her how I am interested in polyamory. I explained what it was and wouldn't mind if she had a second boyfriend and I remained loyal. I provided her a page about it and after she read it she said she'd agree to flirt with other guys to make me happy. I brought the subject back up in conversation a week ago and she told me she wants a polyamorous relationship where she is free to talk to other guys without me getting jealous but she doesn't want to date other guys and have sexual experiences with them. This confuses me because the day before she told me this she said she was cool with everything except me having another girlfriend. I told her I wouldn't but I wouldn't care if she had another boyfriend.

She hasn't responded back to me. Now what do I do? She seems both interested and not interested at the same time and hasn't given me a straight answer.

Any help on how I can make her warm up to the idea?

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