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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
G&E are having troubles with money. And Gia just posted to a small circle of friends on a social network that she is upset, stressed, and worried about finding new childcare she trusts for Bee. It kinda stings that she hasn't asked me to step up and do a day a week, when I've offered multiple times. They need two days a week, so it wouldn't solve their whole problem, but it would save them money and I know they trust me with him, so what the heck? Are they uncomfortable with the idea of me stepping into a role that feels too co-parent-y? Or do they just not think I was serious?
Having friends and loved ones watch your kids full time is tricky, don't take it personally. One wrong move then everyone is upset with eveyone else and resentments start building on both sides. As parents, we want things done OUR way and it's hard to insist on certain things when we are dealing with family and friends verses those we pay to do a job. I was always worried that family and friends would think I was taking advantage of them. So I wouldn't automatically assume it's about trust or feeling too co-parent-y. My advice, sit them down and make them an official offer, not just something said in passing. Put a time limit on your offer (2, 3, 6 months or such) so they have time to find another care provider and save some money in the mean time.
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